About us

HI EVERYONE!! My name is Erin Crowder and I am the founder of Sip & Dazzle located in Benton, Arkansas.
A little about me: I am a mother of three wonderful kiddos! Being a mom is the best thing in the world! They do keep me on my toes. Each one is special in their own way. My son, he is so caring and EVERYWHERE!! LOL My middle daughter starting losing her hearing around 15 months old. She now has bilateral cochlear implants. Everyday is a new day for her. New sounds around every corner. My youngest daughter is the entertainer. She wants to copy everything her big bubba and sister are doing. I can't forget about the hubby. He is my best friend. He is amazing and supportive of my dreams. I couldn't do it without him.
How did I start Sip & Dazzle? Good question! I've loved doing all sorts of crafts since I can remember, so picking just one thing to start off with was more difficult than you might think. First I had named my business Creation Fanatic. Actually, Creation Fanatic started off as woodworking. About 6 months into my business, I realized that it wasn't going to work out (although the demand for my display ladders hasn't cut out all my woodworking) :)  


I was determined to stay with my dream of having my own business, and being available for my kids whenever they needed me. So, I just sat and thought and thought. I was getting stressed out because I was trying to hard. Negative thoughts clouded my mind. How am I suppose to help support my family, pay bills, buy them food, buy them clothes?!?! That night as I was sleeping, I had a dream! CUPS!! Design cups! I woke up with a clear mind, and wanted to get to work right away! Now you have Sip & Dazzle.

Since February 2016, I have received amazing reviews from my Etsy Shop. Some of them even made me tear up! WORK HARD and DREAM BIG! As my business grew on Etsy, I wanted to make my own website to express myself to every detail. 

Behind the scenes!